March 14, 2016



The Gemini woman smiles as she falls apart. You hurt her and she moves on; she forgives, but she never forgets, and once her trust has been torn, it may as well be broken, because very few broken things in her world ever get mended, and she does not bother to fix many of them, having the attitude that some things are better broken than together. No matter how precious that trust once was to her, she will do her best to try and forget, even if she can’t, only because if she always remembers she allows it power to destroy her all over again; even as she appears strong and invulnerable to the world, her demeanour a mask of coldness and strength, her heart an icy stronghold that does not seem to have any holes in it, her mind closed with a passion of fury, even as icy and fury are nothing close to what is truly going on inside her. She will smile when she looks at you, take part in life with you, but there are tears in her soul, falling with every painful smile, every look in your eyes, every word she speaks, knowing that you do not know and do not want to know and will never know, just having your own perspective on who she is and why she does what she does. She knows that people do not want to know the truth of another’s soul and so she is a chameleon for every person that crosses her path, a different creature for every man, even as every face she shows is an aspect of her and not a genuine mask, for she is a woman with many personalities, like a diamond in how multifaceted she is; but also like a diamond, albeit rough at times, in how she appears and comes across, for not everyone will see her sparkle and shine, but only glimpse the promise of the beauty that she could be.

© Rosie Chee