January 14, 2018

Angel with a wild
side; there's a little bit of
demon in her eyes.

Haiku © 2018 Rosie Chee
Photographer: Carley Patmythes; MUA: Judy Trout

January 1, 2018


"I live at the edge of the universe like everybody else." Indeed. We all do. The only difference is whether or not we are brave enough to step off the edge and see what lies beyond. Because not everyone dares so greatly. Not everyone is willing to step, or dive, or fall, as it may be at times. Not everyone wants to discover what lies beyond what they have been told, or can imagine beyond what they have seen. I dare you, in 2018, to challenge yourself, to face your fears and dive inside any mindsets that may have held you back from the "impossible", to be willing to live a life outside of your comfort zone. I dare you to not just live at the edge of the universe, but to run recklessly to the edge and jump off of it with arms wide open, and embrace the life that is waiting. I dare you, as I dare myself, to live life, and to live it daring greatly!

© 2018 Rosie Chee​

Photo by: Rosie Chee

December 19, 2017


OPEN your eyes to the world you live in. Open your HEART to the blessings you have been given. Allow the WONDER of everything to seep through your soul.

Think of the MIRACLE of life. Think of all the POSSIBILITIES that exist. Know that you are BEAUTIFUL in this world filled with ugly.

Believe that everything happens for a REASON. Believe that you CAN make a difference. Embrace the experiences that life has given you and the love you are surrounded by.

He knows your heart. He knows your mind. He knows infinitely more about you than you could possibly fathom.

When you open yourself to the fullness of everything, open your mind to the potential of anything, and open your soul to believe in the glory of Him and all you have and are, you will see that life truly is pretty AMAZING. REVEL in that knowledge, that feeling, the emotion evoked in the core of your being. Revel in it and LIVE it – an amazing life!

© Rosie Chee

December 17, 2017

"All she wants is someone who will look beyond her beauty and see the things that truly make her who she is. All she wants is to be able to show someone all of her past, all of her flaws, all of her mistakes, all of her insecurities, and never feel like she's too much. All she wants is something different. Something that's real. Something that's genuine." - Ryan Snowden

December 15, 2017


It's not about being better than anyone ELSE. It's about being a better YOU. It's about being better than you were the DAY before, the HOUR before, the MINUTE before. It's about striving for CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT IN YOURSELF...Life is a journey. No, it's not JUST about you, but if you do not focus on you and becoming the BEST you that YOU can be, you cannot possibly give of your best and help anyone else become the best that THEY can be. Your life is an EXAMPLE to inspire and motivate OTHERS into becoming BETTER.

© Rosie Chee

December 14, 2017

It is not always going to be easy. You are going to love, and you are going to hurt. But it does not end there. Your story does not end with the pain, or the heartache, or the loss. That is only another beginning. Another beginning of learning to let go, of understanding that not everything and everyone you love is meant to last your lifetime. Every love has a lifetime in our own, even if it is brief, and each one changes us in ways we might never have imagined before we lived it. We have to remind ourselves to remember the love and the beauty of it, for it was real to us, and that means something. But we have to make ourselves leave it alone when it is time to go, for if we do not, then we only hurt ourselves. And ultimately, love is not meant to hurt, but to help us change and grow and bloom into more than we are. That is what we have to remember. That we do not have to always be hard, and that sometimes it is our vulnerability that first allows us those most precious moments of beauty. It is in our softness that we learn to love, when we take off our armour and let ourselves be seen for the soul within. And those who truly cherish that soul will not seek to break it, but encourage the strength within to be the light that seeps out, so that armour no longer needs to be worn.

© 2017 Rosie Chee​

Photographer: Carley Patmythes

December 13, 2017


Many people in this world are searching for something. Something that will make everything better, change the way things are; allow them to experience the "magic" of life. STOP searching, for there is "magic" all around you: In a smile, the eyes of another, a hug or warm embrace, the beating of heart, the bloom of a flower or blossom on a tree, the hint of life or the beginning of one, change, hope, love. There is magic if only you open your HEART and your eyes to SEE...However, while there is "magic" all around you, there is also no "magic" unless YOU create it. Those who WAIT for it will never find or experience the satisfaction of it, for while there is always POTENTIAL for "magic" to be, the same way that dreams do not come true unless YOU pursue them, "magic" does not happen unless you MAKE it happen...if you're looking for "magic" today, STOP looking. See what is and start CREATING your OWN "magic" to ADD to the world!

© Rosie Chee