June 22, 2017

Fat loss. Muscle gain.
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Photo Credit: Tim Brown

June 15, 2017

Almost all my life
I've wondered what "home" feels like;
Now I know: It's YOU.

Haiku © 2017 Rosie Chee

Image prose by: Beau Taplin

May 23, 2017

I would love to run
away with you and start off
over somewhere new

Haiku © 2017 Rosie Chee

Art by: Robert Jahns

May 22, 2017

Summer is coming! WILL YOU BE READY?

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Photo Credit: Danny Fittro

May 20, 2017

I cannot even
begin to explain the hurt
that you make me feel

Haiku © 2017 Rosie Chee

Art by: Jason Levesque

May 17, 2017

May 16, 2017

When we're together,
it's simple. But when we're not,
the world interferes.

Haiku © 2017 Rosie Chee​