April 18, 2019

If you're going to treat her like everyone else, you don't deserve her. If you're only going to speak words that are as meaningless as sweet nothings, you don't deserve her. If you only want her because she makes you feel good and knows how to please you, you don't deserve her.

She is not anyone from your past and she doesn't deserve to be treated with abuse, contempt, or taken for granted. She is different to anyone you have ever met or every likely to meet, especially in this place, or anywhere else. If you cannot see that, then you definitely don't deserve her.

Words: © 2019 Rosie Chee


April 17, 2019

Not just there, though any more. My heart here, also calls "home". My soul too, with other souls. It feels peace, in some presence. It can quiet, where once not. Though still rare, it still can. That alone is, all the difference. Yet it does, yearn for this. The ocean waves, the beach beside. To walk along, to hear it. The crashing waves, soul song singing. Feel their mist, upon my skin. Taste salt air, breathe it in. All of it, I miss so. No matter where, I always will. As I miss, ALL called "HOME".

Words: © 2019 Rosie Chee

April 16, 2019

Everything has its time and season. Everything has a purpose and a reason. The rose endures the elements and can suffer the harshest of conditions. Yet bud or bloom, it still has beauty, delicate and fragile even as it is strong and resilient.
Dewdrops on trembling petals, "tears" on a living masterpiece, create an air of vulnerability. In that vulnerability a different kind of soul is revealed, a rare glimpse into something beyond the perception the world has always had.
But not everyone can "see" the truth and beauty can give pain to those who don't know how to handle it. Yet for those who understand that its thorns are "safeguards" and risk because they truly desire to know and get close to its fragrant heart, will "experience" the real treasure.
Words: © Rosie Chee

April 14, 2019

I have no problems sitting with others in their darkness, though I am learning that most cannot sit in MINE. And that is okay; I do not need them to. When you have become more comfortable in darkness than light, your heart starts to see everything differently than it once did. You appreciate more than ever the rare souls who [even if they do not, at least try] to understand the melody of you, and do not run away when that song turns dark.
I know that I have been changing, that song darker than chaos from repressed pain becoming conscious. Yet, still there is no one I would rather be than ME. The superficial shell that houses my soul may be easy for others to want, but I know that the substance of the soul inside is hard for many to understand and accept [let alone love]. So there is no judgment when most run; the softness hidden in that dark is only for those strong enough to handle its truths.
Words: © 2019 Rosie Chee

April 13, 2019


There are infinite possibilities inside you, endless potential that even you might not be aware of. You are an incredible masterpiece, with your own melody and vibrations, a composition no one can ever successfully imitate or copy. There is greatness within and surrounding you and you just need to let yourself BE and LIVE it, no matter the present, because the present is in a constant state of flux and you with it. When you just do YOU and focus on doing what you do best, knowing or not the next step of the journey, your action in faith is the catalyst that sets in motion the process that will bring you to the intended vision. You are part of a vision, an irreplaceable part, one that may not always be seen or recognized, which is ok, because you dance to your own tune and have a rhythm unlike any other, and it is only BECAUSE of your confidence in such knowledge that enables you to be. Believe in the process, trust in the vision, and continue to do what you feel in your soul and know in your heart to be your truth, for everything matters, action and reaction.

Words: © Rosie Chee
Not just today. But EVERY day. I think of you... It's a strange feeling, missing someone. Missing someTHING. Alien for someone who has spent lifetimes alone by choice. And now you - you changed all that. I am not sure what to think. All I know is that it means I am changing. Somehow, something about you triggered something in me. And I do not know if I am fighting myself or not. All I know is that I am struggling with feeling. Struggling, while at the same time strangely okay with it, such is the conflict. I am no stranger to conflict, least of all from my own inner chaos, though that at least I am at peace with. But with you - I am not sure if it is you or the newness of the feelings you have disturbed in me causing this.

Words: © 2019 Rosie Chee