September 16, 2017


Wild creatures were made to roam free, not tied down, wandering souls exploring the world in all its wonder, dancing from one experience to another, living and loving and learning every shade of ecstasy possible. The free spirit does everything in its own way and time, knowing ultimately that what is meant to happen will without requiring force, having faith that whenever beauty is sought it will be found, because like-minded souls are instinctively drawn to one another, regardless of time or place. Let passionate soul loose, releasing any inhibiting bonds from its restlessness, to watch it flit its way through the tapestry of life, leaving glimmers of light like flickering glow-worms in its wake.

© Rosie Chee

September 15, 2017


Sleep eludes, but sometimes in the quiet solitude of darkness there comes truth in our soul. Softly creeping, almost as if not to reopen emotion and wounds desperately trying to be healed, even as the soul tears are crying out to Him to give a new heart. Truth whispers and reminds to boldly chase your dreams, refusing to let another hold power over the heart that acts upon the desires embedded there since forever, because those dreams mean everything and hope is the only thread holding this soul to the world. Let not your unique soul slip away, but reveal and speak itself with daring and such passion that others cannot help but hear the heart hidden, knowing and understanding even the words unspoken. Allow such freedom of soul and self that random is expected, not always knowing what will come even as instinct might, tentatively holding open a fragile cocoon encased with ice and hardness because it still has faith and wants to believe that even if it hurts again, it has to be better than what was. The truth whispers as you've always been, wanting more, asking more, expecting more, knowing what beauty and light have been seen and can be again, strength more than can be imagined but not always needing to be proved, allowing self to simply be. Soul whispers be yourself, simply unapologetically, perfectly imperfect, uniquely beautiful, crazy wonderful, you as you are.

© Rosie Chee

August 11, 2017


In a world that is determined to try and make you into something that you are not, DON’T let it! FIGHT back because after all, you are YOU, and along with your character your IDENTITY is all you truly have. Don’t let yourself be dissolved into the mass of society, just another puppet walking in tune to the ringmaster’s mandolin. DANCE to your OWN tune. RUN when the rest of the world walks. LAUGH at the very blessing of being ALIVE.

Be YOURSELF in a world that tries to take that away from you! Hold TIGHT to your principles, staying TRUE to your core values and beliefs. Don’t let the world tell you that you’re wrong for thinking the way you do just because it is DIFFERENT from what it finds acceptable. CHALLENGE authority, for it was the world who instituted it. EMBRACE the outcasts, for they are very likely like you, scorned by the world because they REFUSE to conform to ideals in opposition to who they are.

Represent yourself with HONOUR and do not let yourself be defined by anything other than what YOU determine you are! Don’t give them the POWER that only you by rights should own. Take BACK what is yours and stand proudly, UNWAVERING in the face of adversity. Have the CONFIDENCE to stay TRUE to YOU and find RESPECT in having the COURAGE to stand alone, even if it means walking apart from the rest of the world and forging your OWN path.

© Rosie Chee

August 10, 2017

Yes, there are better
men, stronger men, out there, but
my heart, it chose YOU.

Haiku © 2017 Rosie Chee

August 2, 2017


Infuse your uniqueness into everything you do. Let your energy sparkle and infect everyone you meet with light. Smile true with happiness and let your inner joy reflect into your world. Be the difference you want to make and remember that any change you desire begins with YOU.

© Rosie Chee​

July 30, 2017



The smile that was glowing flickers a little and the spark that was becoming brighter suddenly whispers like a ghost in and out of time. Everything that was once so alive feels tired and before you know it days have turned into weeks. When you suddenly become AWARE that you have let that which once did not bother you creep inside and settle on your heart, you need to stop and take a moment.

Your soul longs for the sound of the waves upon the shore. Your body longs for the feel of the sand beneath your bare feet. Your heart longs for the PEACE that can be found in the solitude of losing yourself in the beauty around you and the sheer magnificence of something greater being born in the stillness.

Close your eyes and imagine. Let your mind wander along the shore, your dreams bold in planting their footprints in the sand, unafraid to splash through the waves, your smile and laughter unaffected and pure again. Let your soul out. Release all that which “holds you down” and give it up to the One who always knows and sees and has been waiting for you to UNDERSTAND.

Remember how it felt to be so “light”, the “glow” diffusing throughout your being, your aura “rippling” out like a wave in positive vibration. Remember the joy that turned even the most mundane things into “moments”. Remember the smile that lit you from the inside out so that even YOU noticed the change in yourself and wanted to be “out there” sharing the “happy”.

Sit back and close your eyes. Remember the emotion. Remember the feelings. Remember waking every morning and sensing that something wonderful was about to happen. Something wonderful WAS, because your soul was open and light and ready for anything. Go back to that time and let your soul relax as it releases everything clouding your colour, to once again be FREE.

© Rosie Chee
Photo by: Danny Fittro
MUA: Katrell Mendenhall