October 14, 2018


Embrace the fire.
Hell is your purifier,
flames the change
lighting your path,
reforging your heart
through the pain,
crimson stain glow
seeping to gold
weeping through your veins
altering your soul,
perception now enlightened,
your inner goddess awakened,
new power stirred,
strength found and grasped
in the heat
of passion that
sets you alight,
brighter than ever
in this world's darkness.
Darkness and light,
hell and heaven,
death and life,
destruction and growth,
pain and beauty,
you all at once.
Embrace it all.

Words: © Rosie Chee​

October 13, 2018

"Love with a fierce urgency. Never giving a glimmer of reason for anyone to second guess you." - j. iron word

These words, as I support loved ones left, honouring a friend lost too soon, are just another reminder of how little we truly know of the time we have left. I know I changed the most after this particular loss last year. I welcomed all aspects of life and its possibility. You were supposed to be home, buddy, the day I left for my other one.  I hope you know how much I began to risk even more, to keep my heart and soul open to love and its hope, after you were gone. I hope you know that your untimely departure from us was a sharp reminder to do what makes me happy, and even now, I am reinking it on my soul, to do and be. I love and will love and have no regrets or to hence hold back from it, for in that love I am truly free.

Words: © 2018 Rosie Chee

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October 10, 2018


There was never any doubt of her being his. And it didn't matter the world didn't understand. The draw between them defied common sense. And yet nothing felt more right than when they were together.

His little boy was enchanted with the delights of her woman. While his man made her little girl feel safe. They were each both child and adult in their own secret space. "Together" perfectly fit.

Words: © 2018 Rosie Chee​

Photographer: Tony Mitchell
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October 9, 2018

"I am not for everyone. I know my truth, I know who I am, I know what I do and do not bring to the table. I'm not easy to deal with but I do bring tons of value. I bring love and strength, but I am not perfect, and if I don't fit in with a person or group that is ok with me." - Sylvester McNutt

Image: Rosie Chee​

October 2, 2018

Not because it makes me vulnerable. I have gotten past that. But because you are too much like me, the way I used to be, and that actually is a little "scary" for me. I did not let myself feel and eliminated all emotion even before I knew it existed, put up walls and barriers and no one got close, so much that I really never had awareness of myself or my heart until it was too late. But something changed to make me change that, for me to dare to bring down the barricade of ice and thorns that kept the world at a distance. And in being open I discovered more than I could have imagined for me. And you, you are like me, the me that I was, the one that pushes the one wanted the most, away, because it makes you vulnerable, and being vulnerable is not something you ever allow you to be, for being vulnerable opens you up to the possibility of being hurt, and being hurt means deep inner pain, unlike the physical pain you can brush off. It hurts me to know this, as much as it hurts me to try to let go of someone who my now open and strangely soft heart has so much care for, more than any before, and those that there were, rare even then, or now too. But you, you are the one who encompasses it all, nothing no other has ever managed before. So yes, I am vulnerable and I let myself be, because I love you more than I ever wanted to, and that is what "scares" me.

Words: © 2018 Rosie Chee

Trust is like love. To one like I. Not given to many. Not in that way. Let alone said to. But if it is. Know it is meant. It means something more. Than to most people. That coming from me. It does to me. Because it is rare. For me to say. Let alone to do. Like saying something else. That "I love you". Not rare ever said. But when I do. Not ever said lightly. Or given to either. It says a lot. About who you are. Your meaning to me.

Words: © 2018 Rosie Chee

October 1, 2018


There was a burning wild inside of her, and the first time she gave up complete control to let run rampant, thrilled her. The thrill enticed excitement, for the wild was Woman, whom she had always denied, choosing instead to mask with the armour of Warrior.

The release of the wild stirred something else inside of her, reckless and dangerous. Surrounded by death, she sought solace in the arms of a twisted angel.

In the darkness, she forsook her tormented soul for the moments of peace it brought, desiring the rare quiet of her mind that accompanied it. She could not have known that what initially began as a distraction from the chaos outside would become an addiction for the chaos inside and awaken the demon that was shadow to her angel.

Words: © 2018 Rosie Chee​

Photographer: Tony Mitchell

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