April 18, 2018

There is nothing like seeing the sun rise above the ocean; especially in New Zealand, and in summer. With streaks of pastel leaking across the sky, the reflection of the clouds and their marvelous colour on the water streaked sands, you could almost believe you were in either fairy tale or painting. Pinks giving way to glorious crimsons and reds, flecks of gold reach down to the shimmering blue of the ocean, the foam on the waves like frothy light frosting finishing off an already perfect look is pure paradise.

Even better is the sound of the waves in their roll and crash, hearing the thunder, watching the swells as they create lines of beauty. Some complete, while others slide down into the stillness and form again at another point. They look so calm, sound so calm, so small, when in reality they could topple you in a heartbeat, hidden rips and undercurrents pulling you back with them and sweeping you out into the beautiful blue deep.

Something about them transports you to another place, a realm of rejuvenation and healing energy for a tired soul that has been drifting with seemingly no direction, like one of the waves themselves, from place to place, touching shores and cultures, always coming and going and never staying, always changing.  Peace is found in the gentle wind breathing salt air as the ocean caresses your skin, tension slipping through the soles of your feet as you feel the sand sink beneath you with the pull of the tide.

Close your eyes and empty your mind of everything but the feeling, the sensations, and embrace the gentle quiet stirring inside, whispering of dreams and flickers of hope like the brightening of the sky above you. There is a desire to stay there, in that place, in that peace, a wish to be able to lock yourself inside a glass bubble in that ocean, on those sands, for a lifetime, where your soul is nothing but light, in tune with the universe and every vibration of love.

But nothing lasts forever. Not even the sunrise. The magic of that magic gives way to the bright light of day, blinding beams as you open your eyes to the ocean. The ocean does not change, the effervescent blue still real and perfect, a reminder that there is heaven in everything, perfection even when perfection seems to have passed. It enables hope to stay as you turn from the horizon and leave the ocean’s arms for the way beyond the sand.

Words: © 2018 Rosie Chee

Photographer: Rosie Chee

April 17, 2018

"it is impossible not to love you... you bring out parts of me I've never known." - r.m. drake

April 11, 2018

"She painted beneath the break of tears, and underneath the layers of pain, the sound of her rain carried a sweet tune worth loving." - R. M. Drake

March 8, 2018


She is an angel, but her wings are not white. They are black from the soot of all the fires she has burned in, stained with the ashes she has risen from. She is an angel not because she was born that way, but because of how she became. The wings on her back, deliberately designed and crafted through intense pain, each flinch felt through her soul as she gritted her teeth and tried not to let it show. They call her an angel, but she sees herself not that way, for she just did what she had to do to survive. She is an angel, but her wings are not white.

© 2018 Rosie Chee

March 6, 2018

You cannot see it, but beneath the skin there lies a heart so deep it could drown the ocean. There is a soul that glows in the right light, even after it has been completely broken, although of late the darkness takes over more than is let known. But you cannot see it. For you have no idea what this woman has been through. All you have are superficial assumptions on everything about her based on how she looks.

You have no idea what makes her smile, or why her smile is the way it is. She smiles even when she feels buried in the dark, struggling to hold on, trying to decide whether her stubbornness to stay is hurting her more than the uncomfortable realization that if she simply disappeared it would likely make no difference. But you know nothing of that. All you see is a smile and to you that means everything is ok.

Her heart has hurt her more than once. With so much love to give, knowing no other way to be but non-judgmental and unconditional, it has taken more abuse than a heart should, and now it is tired. Her head is bowed, if only to rest her eyes for a moment, because her mind will not rest, not even for a second, scattered and shattered with more spaces and sights than reasonably existing in any one place.

Her story is not simple, even though she strives to make her life as simple as possible. Her simplicity is in the beautifully intricate weaving of the openness of her being with all that has wounded her, everyone who has ever crossed her path and the rare moments her soul found peace. Evolutionally ongoing, she is still learning how and trying to heal it all together.

© 2018 Rosie Chee​

Photographer: Carley Patmythes

March 4, 2018

This is where my heart
belongs: here, with the crashing
waves; home in this calm.

Haiku © 2018 Rosie Chee

Photographer: Rosie Chee

February 28, 2018


There is hope at the start of every dawn. Light spreading its way through the world and your heart. Faith infused in your soul believing in the future. Gratitude overflowing from that deep and secret place inside so far down no one else can see it. For what you have been given. A new day. Another chance. A fresh start... Let the hope that rises with the sun stay with you far after the sun has set. Let it linger in the depths of your soul. Let it surprise you with its joy. Let the quiet comfort it affords breathe calmness in your spirit. Let it help your mind relax. Let it keep the light of life alive inside... Use the new day that you have been given. To do all that you can. Leave nothing on the table. Give it everything you’ve got. Be thankful for everything He has blessed you with. Be thankful for everything He has given back that was taken away. Be thankful that you took the risk and flew. Now fly higher than you ever have before!

© Rosie Chee

Photographer: Rosie Chee