March 4, 2016



Our lifetime is made up of many journeys. Journeys that make and break us, shape and mould us, past and present determining what we shall become in the future, the most important of all that of our soul, the path to spiritual enlightenment, the metamorphosis of our innermost core as we traverse the journeys of life. Each journey we take in the physical has spiritual ramifications and often affect us far more than what the world can see, turning our souls inside out, upside down, twisting and contorting it until we are not sure we will ever be able to recognize ourselves when we come out the other side of the purging fire.

Each journey we take and every person we cross paths with leaves a footprint on our soul, teaching us valuable lessons and to show us how significant we are in the fabric of the universe. Love and loss, success and tragedy, ecstasy and pain, are all tools of the world to touch us, to create the destiny of our souls, the tumultuous journey that will leave us tempered like the rarest and most beautiful of diamonds, born of the greatest pressure and heat, crushed beyond life itself and shining forth a brilliant light from an indomitable spirit.

With strength and purity of heart we will survive anything, our soul’s journey one that is never-ending, each step one step closer to becoming the highest being and ultimate version of us that we can aspire to.

© Rosie Chee​