March 25, 2016



Strength is not something you SEE. It is something you FEEL. Something you DISCOVER. Something that overpowers you with its presence that you can’t help BUT notice it.

Strength is what you find when you think you have NOTHING left. When you run out of options and REFUSE to give in, knowing that there is something MORE out there. Something to live FOR. Something to keep you going, because it is NOT yet the end for you.

Strength is the PASSION deep inside you. It is the WILLPOWER that drives you. It is the DETERMINATION to never ever give up no matter what. It is the TEARS that you hide, the smile that shows when you feel like you are shattering inside into a million pieces that will never be able to be put back together. It is the LOVE you give when you feel like you are empty of all emotion and have nothing left.

Strength is so much MORE than can ever be described. It is a trait of those who LIVE on, who have survived horrors and circumstances that would break the human soul. It is the foundation built with FAITH that there is more to life than what is currently happening. It is knowing that there is something BETTER coming, to be made, to be created, to be SOUGHT and FOUGHT for. It is NOT making or accepting excuses on failure to rise to the challenge and be ALL that you can be.

© Rosie Chee