January 12, 2015



EVERY day is a day for self-improvement, betterment of not just mind and soul, but body as well. Every day we can build ON the one before, make progress, continuing FORWARD. Momentum NEVER stops, seeking only to keep moving, striding, running, leaping, as if there were no end and this journey endless.

You see where you are now. Look in the mirror and take note of the “rough sketch” you have to work from, the “base” that you have to mould with. Envision the CHANGES you want to make, seeing them as if they were real right now and know that they WILL be.

Tighten up the NUTRITION. Work WITH your body, not the self-sabotage you were doing before. NOURISH it. Remember that the “cleaner” your food, the better you will feel, for your body will function more smoothly on what it operates BEST on.

Drill your body through training like you were preparing for WAR. Treat it like a machine. Train it like an athlete. You want not just aesthetics, but FUNCTION as well, for there is little use in simply “looking pretty” when it comes to “real life”.

Know your “limits”, but do not let them stop you. Know them, so you know what to push PAST. Recovery is important, but timing is everything. Test yourself. In your mind, set NO boundaries, NO limits, so that you can surpass anything and everything you might ever have thought you could or would.

YOU are a “Work in Progress”, a masterpiece being crafted in your own unique and special design. YOU are in control of how quickly you progress and where, so take ACCOUNTABILITY for your work. And because it is your OWN, let no one tell you what it should “be”, but yourself. You are doing this for YOU.

© 2015 Rosie Chee