January 13, 2015



Every time you breathe, see your DREAMS in your mind. Every breath “releasing” them out into the universe, whispering them into something more than just a thought, but putting them out there so that you are not the ONLY one who knows.

Your dreams are your “truth”. They are the “compass” guiding your soul. And your life’s purpose is often tied up in those dreams, for we are not given the desires in our heart withOUT purpose, but because there is more than simply passion there; a gift that only we can “give” the world.

Take off any “masks” you might have worn or are wearing and allow yourself to be REAL for a moment. Let that moment linger and continue, so that there is nothing but the raw truth revealed to the world. Let them know who you are and what you stand for, the dreams you long for and the purpose you live.

Be PROUD of the soul standing here right now. Know that it is one step CLOSER to every dream it ever desired and already living its purpose as it walks towards those dreams.  As the dawn comes after every night, trust your soul and BELIEVE.

© 2015 Rosie Chee