January 2, 2015



You have lived and loved what has sometimes seemed lifetimes, and in every one you learnt something new; you experienced something different, even if it had aspects of the same, and you grew in ways you never thought you would or could. Every experience changed you, moulded you, revolutionized you as it created “new” versions of you and what you discovered lay inside.

Every “new” you shed layers of the one before, embracing that which had been hidden come to light in your soul. It kept strength from the past, even as it changed it and created “new” strength from the challenges faced, because what was before is no longer desirable for a soul that has “opened” and wants to bloom.

Your HEART has been opened and you never want to close it again, because now you feel and in the feeling you are truly allowing yourself to LIVE. Yet in leaving it open, you expose vulnerability and there is always the possibility that you might be hurt, even as you know you will NEVER allow yourself again to be destroyed. But in that vulnerability there is a new softness and beauty that never was before.

Your SOUL has transformed and you know without a doubt that if not for all that has been it would never in a million years be as it is right now in this moment at this time. Despite the darkness that it was cocooned in to change the way it has, your soul can accept it and is at peace with itself and the things it found within during its “transition”.

Your MIND has always been something else, but now it is completely and utterly without limitations and bounds, for it has seen yourself do things it never imagined it would, felt and thought things it always argued for everyone else but you, and for your own wellbeing, relinquished the fight with itself for rational domination over your soul.

There is a “new” you now and that you is the culmination of everything “good” and “bad” that has been in your past, albeit taking from the “bad” the blessings and the lessons, because the “bad” was not always so, and it was in such times that you changed the MOST. The transformation is unquestionable, as is the truth that you can and will never go back to how and who you used to be and were.

© 2015 Rosie Chee