January 3, 2015



Life is an AMAZING place when every new day opens up a world of POSSIBILITIES. Endless OPPORTUNITIES for GREATNESS abound and every experience can create more “magic” than might be fathomed. Every moment is a moment of INSPIRATION, from the glimmer of the sun on a dewdrop, to the gentle cold caress of fresh falling snow, to the smile on your lover’s face. EVERY moment is a reason to be THANKFUL that you are ALIVE to live and love and feel and share and simply BE.

Your heart is LIGHTER, your smile BRIGHTER, your eyes GLOWING with the JOY of reveling in the life you find yourself wandering through. The smallest whispers through your soul are those of PEACE and CONTENTMENT with where you are at and who you are allowing to walk WITH you. There are NO doubts or fears or worries, for you have RELEASED and let GO of EVERYthing that was “toxic” to you.

The smallest CHANGE in attitude and mind can make ALL the difference. HOPE fills your footsteps, FAITH guiding your heart, knowledge that your “instinct” will always lead you true and that there is nothing you cannot do. INSPIRED is your soul as it steps FORWARD, smiling, OPEN to embrace what lies ahead.

© 2015 Rosie Chee