January 1, 2015



The world opens on a NEW era! A new YEAR!  

A FRESH chapter begins. Your life story continues. Only now, what has passed has “created” a woman who knows NO limits and will accept NO excuses. She knows what she wants and she has NO fear in pursuing it or casting aside anything that does NOT have purpose. She has been “carved” from more than rock and ice, for there is now emotion and feeling free to roam in her soul, light and love reflected out from her heart, happiness in her being as she goes forth.

The darkness has PASSED and the path ahead is bright. She knows where she is going. She can SEE her dreams standing there for her to walk alongside. She smiles as she runs through the light with the true companions in her life, seeking to shine that light across every soul she touches, so that they too might be inspired and have hope and never forget that the brightest stars can only be where there has been the deepest dark.

Like the sun rising in the “new world”, you never know when she will come or what you might see as she rises, but you know that she WILL. With passion she will live her truth, because she knows who and what she IS, having come into FULL awareness of self, not content to let life pass her by, but LIVE it as madly and passionately and wildly as she can in all its potential and glory and wonder, every new experience forging new paths to wander.

YOUR time has COME to COMPLETELY step OUT into the world! Rise like the new sun and SHINE!

© 2015 Rosie Chee