February 3, 2016



There are so many people willing to tell you who they think you should be and what they think you should do. IGNORE them. The ONLY person you should be listening to when it comes to who to be is YOU. YOU are the one who lives with your SOUL. YOU are the one who has to live YOUR life. YOU are the one who has to like who YOU are. Because YOU are the one who has to live with you ALL the time and be ABLE to.

In this day and age, being “different” is either sin or celebrated, hated or adored, as “fads” come and go and society changes on a whim. Regardless, who you ARE is NOT a “fad”, and unlike fashion, which “trends”, with often only the “highest” in society showcasing it, YOU are ALWAYS “in style” and NO one else will EVER be able to “be” you, no matter how hard they might try to, once they see you and realize just HOW special and precious your “one-of-a-kind” is.

You are “YOU”. Simply “YOU”. There is no other “label”; no way to describe you aside, because there are no words that can explain the depths and facets of the ever evolving creature that you are. One can only understand once they have known you, a privilege rare few have ever truly been allowed, but that more in the future will be given the chance to, albeit an opportunity still only “offered” a special select, because, even though the world now knows “of” you, you are careful whom you “share” yourself with.

The world will call you many things. Crazy. Mad. Genius. Dreamer. Weird. Strange. Different. You should be FLATTERED. You stand OUT. Everything the world “calls” you because you are YOU is what makes you IRREPLACEABLE. Everything about you, from your flaws to your quirks to your mind to your heart and soul, is BEAUTIFUL. And it is the greatest PRIVILEGE in the world to “simply be you”; as you are, without requiring explanation. Accept it. Embrace it. Love it. Be it. Be YOU.

© Rosie Chee