February 4, 2016



I am learning more and more about the power of SHARING your story. No one will ever know if you never tell. No one will ever know about the struggles you have faced or face, the darkest times you almost didn’t make it through, the obstacles you have overcome, the battles you have fought and fight, the life you have lived outside of their “impression” of what they see or think they know, if YOU do not let them know.

It took me a lifetime before I was “ok” in revealing and talking about some of the things I have been through in my life. For the longest time everyone thought my life was “perfect”, that I was always “fine” and I never corrected it, not wanting to shatter that illusion, even though I hated it because I WAS struggling. The world sees only what one has “accomplished”, but not the pain behind it, nor the motivator for it, or even the fact that sometimes to the one who has “achieved so much” those achievements mean nothing.

I shut the world out. That was the path I chose. I was the “machine”, “cold”, ”emotionless”, and no one ever thought I cared, or knew if I did. It was almost as if I was ashamed of what I have been through, the struggles, to admit that I was “weak” and needed help sometimes. And when I first allowed the vulnerability to ask for it I was laughed at and not believed, because no one ever knew the “truth” behind the face they all seemed so “intimidated” by, which was frustrating but also humbling.

It was not easy to share my “life”. It took more than some will ever know to reveal the “weaknesses” and dark times, the struggles and experiences, but it opened up something new, to both me AND others. I discovered that I actually became REAL to people and that they could finally relate to me, they in turn realizing that I was as human and flawed as anyone else.

Sharing my struggles, my weakness, the very things that I had been most “ashamed” of throughout my life, created a different kind of strength from a new understanding that I did NOT have to be “perfect” and that it was ok to fall and break and to let others know, because in those times genuine connections are made and people RELATE. Not just a strength or understanding, but a motivation and a BLESSING as well, in realizing that my sharing could help others, whether simply to inspire or just to open their eyes.

I know I’m not alone in how I was. I know how hard it can be. If someone asked me a question, sure I would answer, but I never VOLUNTEERED information about my life. But I have learnt that in order to truly grow into the person we have every potential to be, inspiring as much as we possibly can, sharing our weaknesses is one key that just makes us STRONGER, opens up more hearts than “doing” ever might, and in turn enables us to be able to touch and make far more difference in the lives we meet, and never meet, than we can ever comprehend.

© Rosie Chee