February 2, 2016



Everything you do, everything you say, everything you ARE – it MATTERS! YOU matter.

No one else is, has been, can be, or ever will be YOU - only YOU can be you! You MATTER.

The hand you reach out or pull away, the words of encouragement and the words you never even utter, the smile you give even if your eyes do not share it – it all makes a DIFFERENCE to someone, whether you are aware of it or not. Every action, every thought, every dream, every prayer laughed or cried – ALL of it matters. YOU matter.

A single drop of water in the ocean might seem insignificant, but that drop creates a ripple as it touches the surface – a ripple that SPREADS. That single drop may never know how far its ripple of EFFECT reaches, nor to what effect it has, but it HAS an effect – it matters. A single drop in the ocean matters – in the same you are a single drop in the ocean of life and YOU matter.

NEVER think nothing of what you do and who you are. Never UNDERestimate your value and worth. Never hold yourself to the expectations of others, because you know yours are much HIGHER. Never give in to the overwhelming of your struggles, because you know they will just create more STRENGTH. Never STOP being you, no matter what. YOU MATTER.

© Rosie Chee