December 28, 2014



Metamorphosis can be a painful process, “trial by fire” with immense destruction and not everyone “survives” the process. Those that do are completely different creatures than those who were untouched by the flames; they who emerge from the fire have a new quality about them, the “difference” noticeable to all those who know them. There is a new strength that resonates beauty, scars that tell stories others will be inspired by, with a change in aura that reflects a deeper sense of self and awareness.

Sometimes the creature that emerges “looks” completely different to the one known in the lifetime passed. The fire often forges a new kind of creature, for everything not strong enough is burnt in the flames and that which is true pressured like a rough diamond, so that what has long been kept hidden might be revealed to the world. There is “magic” in metamorphosis and even though the creature that emerges from the flames is “new”, it is still the “same”, for the soul is still of the “old”, albeit having undergone its own transformation as it faces itself, choosing what to discard and keep.

Metamorphosis is often necessary, in retrospect a blessing to help bring us “into our own”, so that we might “see” life for what it truly is and understand the miracle of everything; that we too are such a miracle in the world and can be a source of light and inspiration regardless of our past. What we become might be something “strange” to others, even as it is beautiful, and many may dislike the change because it is not something they can fathom, but ignore them and let the “new you” follow the path that became so clear in the fire, so that you might fulfil the purpose resting on your soul.

Embrace the change and test the wings you have been given. There is “magic” inside you that was always intended to be released and the fire has peeled away the “fear” that kept it locked up tight, a new softness in the willingness to let your vulnerability be seen, a multitude of feelings and emotion escaping as you “step into the new”. The time of the past has passed and is no more; let it die with the fire and let the “new life” discovered in your soul be the one that you live and love, as you let yourself love and live.

© 2014 Rosie Chee