December 26, 2014



Dreaming when we are asleep can be wonderful, but the BEST dreams happen when we are AWAKE, for when we are awake we are truly AWARE. We can fully APPRECIATE the magic of the moment and know that it is REAL, not just something in our subconscious we desire.

The best dreams are not the ones we “sleep” but the ones we LIVE. They are in the choices we make each day, the chances we take, the risks we open our souls for because we want to believe in something, faith and hope that there is MORE out there than what we “see”, knowing that BETTER days are coming because our actions today are CREATING them. WE are creating the reality we will live in, the dreams that will become our future, even as they might be real in our NOW.

The best dreams are the ones that we do NOT let slumber, but seek to let see light of the morning sun rising gloriously upon, the ones that we smile in in REAL life. Life itself is a “dream”, a “story”, a “fairy-tale written by God’s hands”, and “happily ever after” DOES exist, but only because we CHOOSE to make them HAPPEN. They say the most “dangerous” people are those who dream when awake, for those are the ones that CREATE their dreams, while the “sleeping dreamers” are satisfied with keeping theirs “fiction”.

Why NOT make your dreams your REALITY? NOTHING is impossible after all; especially when the dreams placed on your heart have rested insistently on your SOUL, consuming you slowly for what seems like a lifetime. Decide TODAY – are you a DOER or just a “wannabe” dreamer? Do you have what it TAKES to RISK it all now for what you want in your FUTURE? Do you DARE stop saying “I wish” and start ACTING?

Remember, the BEST dreams are the ones we choose to LIVE and when we live the life we love, we love the life we live!

© 2014 Rosie Chee