December 30, 2014



There are many people who have been and are part of our lives; some remain, but many are no longer. Still, there are those who linger on the outskirts, whom we know we should let go of and yet we cling to some memory of them, true or not.

It’s time to LET GO. It’s time to RELEASE any hold another soul has on your own and understand that no matter how much they mean or meant to you, they canNOT be that any longer. It is time to move FORWARD and you can only do that when you accept that your future is NOT your past.

EVERY person in our lives is a reason, season, or lifetime. It is time to acknowledge the reasons and to let the seasons pass, so that the lifetimes can flourish in mutual companionship. Thank those who taught you valuable lessons, ones that no one else could have made you learn, simply for the reason that no one else was a part of your life in the way you allowed them to be. Learn to love the seasons and understand that for a complete and full life ALL seasons must be experienced, not just either summer or winter.

Reason or season, those souls that have touched your own are no less “special” than the lifetimes; it just means that not everyone is meant to be a continuing part of your life story. Yet the time spent with you on your journey created its own memories, so cherish and remember them for what they were, instead of regretting what they could or “should” have been.

Every person in our lives plays a role in the evolution of our soul and being. Some spread darkness, only so others can show us the light. Some cause destruction, allowing others to instil hope. Some use and abuse and leave little left when they are done, making those that we come to understand truly love us all the more precious and appreciated. Every person builds upon the foundation of a constant “work in progress”.

All those who no longer have a role in our world we need to let go of gracefully, thankful for the blessing in having known them, hopeful that we in turn were able to be a valuable part of THEIR personal growth and a part of their journey they can and will never forget.

© 2014 Rosie Chee