December 2, 2014



Life loves to test us. Sometimes it waits a lifetime to see what we are made of, desiring to surprise us suddenly to observe how we handle its disruption. Other times it seems intent on seeing how well we fare with what seems like setback after setback, to see if we’re truly what we say we are and to see what we can grow INTO.

Life can simmer or it can boil. It can allow your life to rest upon a single ember or it can immerse you in flames so hot you feel like you might burn up from the inside out. Either way, whether we survive the fire and how we come out reveals us to the world and sometimes to OURSELVES.

Life can create a monster or it can create a beast. The difference is that a monster knows no bounds to its fury and the havoc it wreaks based on the “injustice” it feels has been done to it, whereas a beast is a monster who realizes that every trial is a “lesson” and an experience with opportunity for great GROWTH.

Life can transform a monster into a beast. Once it quiets enough to understand and accept the challenges and struggles that face it. A monster of destruction can become a beast of growth, a far more powerful weapon because the difference it makes in the world creates an impact for the BETTER.

Life loves to bring chaos into being. Sometimes simply because it can, sitting back to watch what unfolds. Other times because there is a purpose, change to elicit the activation of the potential lying inside or the resurrection of the passion that might have almost died, so that we might become our BEST.

© Rosie Chee