December 5, 2014



By faith GREAT things can be done. For all great things start as a DREAM. And for a dream to manifest as reality it has to be BELIEVED that it can BE. It has to be believed BEFORE it can be seen. It has to be believed, and to be believed there has to be FAITH in the soul and heart and mind of the one holding the dream.

By faith MIRACLES are created. For all miracles are called thus because they are feats deemed “impossible”. Yet they happen. Daily. They happen because there are those who REFUSE to accept that nothing is NOT possible and strive to attain that which others dare not even reach for. They BELIEVE in something more powerful than simple action. They have FAITH.

By faith we LIVE. Life continues to hold HOPE and possibility, beauty and MAGIC. There are wonders waiting to be experienced, journeys waiting to be taken, love waiting to be found and treasured, precious moments waiting to become priceless memories. Everything is out there, seen AND unseen, held on faith that it exists for US.

By faith. We were. We are. We will be. Breath. Hope. Life. Everything. “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” By faith we live and aim for our “perfection”, the culmination of purpose and passion as we become everything we desire and were always meant to BE.

© 2014 Rosie Chee