November 23, 2014



Sometimes we need to die in order to know what it truly means to live. Sometimes we need to forget our lives before and just let ourselves live in the now. Sometimes we need to break down the walls of everything we were and create a new being. Sometimes we must experience the greatest happiness and have it torn from us and suffer, so that we can see the truth in the destruction and pain, and give ourselves a real chance to make our world right with a brand new beginning.

Dying does not always mean leaving everything you were behind. You will never be completely different, even as you are not the same person that entered the flames. Dying means burning away the weakness and developing the strength, finding new strength and sharpening the edges of the resolve that helped you survive so long. The difference will be in what the world sees, their eyes suddenly open as realization that you have always been what you said you were, but now you will not hide any part of it.

Dying is valuing yourself enough to take a stand, to admit you’re not invincible, not infallible, not a machine, and knowing when enough is enough and it’s time to start taking care of you, instead of just always pushing through and taking on so much you know there will eventually come a breaking point. Dying is reaching that breaking point and letting it go. It is letting yourself be broken, but not accepting such a state, putting yourself back together with wisdom alongside strength, so it does not happen again.

Dying means letting go of anything that might have held you back. It is finding complete acceptance in all that you are, all aspects of light and dark in your soul and now, instead of the darkness keeping you alive, choosing to let your light be the source of what keeps you going. It is embracing the woman who has long hidden inside the warrior’s armour, letting your heart be seen even as you still keep it locked up and only precious few inside, those rare true souls who truly cherish and understand it.

Dying is making one sacrifice for another. The sacrifice you make though you know will be worth it, for each evolution of you tears away the layers that were once a cold, emotionless machine who chose to be a rock island in the world, revealing the true heart that has been buried so deep for so long, breathing new life into it. Terminator to Warrior to Angel, saved by grace and reborn by fire, stronger and wiser and finding the beauty in the beast, walking forward without looking back.

© Rosie Chee