November 24, 2014



Shadows are a natural accompaniment to light. They are cast under whatever stands in the light and sometimes over as well. In the same way that the Devil tries to tempt you and lead you astray when God blesses you and life seems to be going better than ever, shadows seek to cast darkness over any light shining so brightly because they cannot bear to see such glory and would rather see it smothered.

It is simply the way it is and will never change. Those who are doing nothing with their lives will always sit back and criticize those who are standing up and stepping out and taking the risk of pursuing their dreams or calling. Those who are waiting for someone to do something that they can emulate through plagiarism will always try to topple those who shoulders whom they seek their own greatness from.

There are shadows and light in every soul. Every day they fight with one another to see which will come out triumphant. Remember that the shadows in your soul can help give strength to your light and make it that much brighter. Never underestimate the power of the synchronicity of having your soul being complete in working together and understand that without the darkness there would be no light.

© Rosie Chee