November 28, 2014



Let go so you can grow. You might have thought you had let go, your smile so bright and happy of late, before one moment happens that pulls it from your soul like the darkness snuffing out the light of a candle. Letting go is never-ending, day by day until your soul’s smile remains unaffected no matter what.

Focus on what will heal you. It has been a long time coming, a process you thought almost complete until that moment. Yet, you know that when you think of it there is no more pain and you can smile at the memories and that which once caused great hurt and destruction. Focus on you here and now.

Release your soul into the wild. Allow yourself to do the things you might have always stepped back from. Take the risks your heart might have desired but your mind always fought and so you never dared before. Free the bounds that might hold you back from experiencing all of life’s wonders waiting for you.

Live, play, love and let life. Let loose your inner child again to roam free without thought through the landscapes of life. See the magic in the smallest things and revel in the beauty of a simple smile. Let your laugh echo, the sound of joy and delight in the beauty of life’s surprises.

Trust it all to work out. You would not be who you are now without where you have been. You would not become the person you will be tomorrow without the choices you make today on what you will leave and what you will take with you as you step into it. Let yourself truly heal and see what miracles can happen.

© Rosie Chee