November 27, 2014



BEAUTIFUL, beautiful day! A day of THANKSGIVING and CELEBRATION of all the BLESSINGS He has bestowed upon us; of GRATITUDE and WONDER for the FREEDOM of our souls; of the wonders of life WAITING to be discovered and EMBRACED. A day to remember with JOY because we HAVE it; life to LIVE it and REMEMBER all He has done for us, RELEASING us from our prisons, setting us FORTH on our journey UP the mountain of life, creating in us the desire to give MORE to life, to leave more than a little part of us behind in EVERY soul we meet and touch, to make our DIFFERENCE bigger and better and GREATER than we might ever have imagined.

Give THANKS! For all that you HAVE; all that you ARE; all that you are BECOMING. Be GRATEFUL that you have made it this FAR, the struggles and heartache and pain merely NECESSARY stepping stones to the HAPPINESS that now fills your soul, so that you can UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE the BEAUTY of what your heart is now experiencing, the WONDER of it, that it DOES exist for YOU and that you CAN have it if you desire it so strongly. Let the LIGHT in your heart and the SMILE in your soul be a BEACON of HOPE for those out there who are walking where you have BEEN, giving them STRENGTH to KEEP going, knowing that there are BETTER days COMING.

Be BLESSED! Look back ONLY to LEARN your lessons; look FORWARD to what is to COME; ENJOY and live IN the MOMENT. Life holds far MORE for you, a lot more to be THANKFUL for, blessings and love you might have rejected at any other point in time but are now able to ACCEPT, because you are in a place where you are at EASE with yourself and have GROWN “into” who you are, KNOWING what your heart TRULY desires, no longer IGNORING the calling that you have forever suppressed, WANTING to give your soul MORE room to GROW and FLOURISH, so that you BLOSSOM into the person that God always INTENDED you to be, having ALL that He intended you to have.

© Rosie Chee