August 11, 2014



Change happens to all of us at some time or another. No one is immune from it. No one can outrun it. It affects each of us, in many different ways. One person’s change may not be like your own. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that there IS change.

So many of us spend our energies on the OLD, what we are leaving behind, “living in the past”. What is not realized is that when we do that we give what is past the POWER and “weaken” ourselves for the future. If you spend so long looking back, you do not give yourself to live in the NOW.

The best way to “deal” with change is to look FORWARD. Let the past go and step INTO the future. Focus all your time and effort on building the dream that is now before you, the future you hold in your mind, the one that might have seemed like a dream until now.

Focus on the NEW. That is the only real way you are going to have any “control”, the only true way for you to be able to lead the life you are meant to. The new is your POTENTIAL. REALIZE it and “throw away” any misconceptions you might have had about starting over.

Now is the time. Now is YOUR time. It might seem like there is “nothing” there, but there is EVERYTHING. You just have to OPEN your eyes to see it. See it and take a hold of it. Dream. Plan. Act. There is no time like the PRESENT to set in motion the events that will determine where you go from here.

© 2014 Rosie Chee