August 8, 2014



Sometimes in our lives it seems like one thing after another – if it’s not pain it’s conflict and if not conflict then another intense emotion, and so on. Sometimes it seems like there is no “calm” and only “storm”, one difficulty after another, obstacles that challenge us when we might feel that we’ve already reached the limit of what we can handle at this moment. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that He is guiding our paths and to trust that He knows what He’s doing.

But we must – trust. Trust that He knows what He has to do to us in order to make us stronger. To make us fully aware and capable of all that He truly wants in our lives. To give us the courage and determination to never ever “settle” or “lie down” and fight for what is ours and “right”. To push us so that we have to acknowledge that we are but human and cannot do this on our own strength and ask Him for HIS, knowing how futile was our own capacity the last time we tried and fell and almost broke as we did.

Trust can be so hard – knowing what your trust has “given” before. But He is not like the world and in Him your trust is NOT misplaced. Even when it seems that He ignores you, when your faith can be even more tested and trust questioned, He is not, because sometimes He wants you to learn from what is transpiring, whether to take the risk to spread your wings and fly, no matter how tentatively, or realize that He is the source of your strength and power.

If you cannot fly – if you keep trying and fall time and again, plummeting further each time it seems than the last attempt, when your soul despairs so close to “giving up”, that’s when you just need to learn to let go and let GOD. You might dream recurring of falling in endless black since childhood, and sometimes yes, you may have “hit the bottom”, and in life you may feel like you can and have fallen too far to be saved, but He can and WILL catch you before your final resolution.

It takes a lot of courage to trust – even a little, let alone completely. But we must hold onto faith and believe as we do all that WE can in facing what faces us and trust that HE will do His part as we do ours. It is a partnership relationship that sometimes you might feel you can give less than you receive, but in doing even what you can and placing your trust in His hands, you are allowing something much MORE to happen and can create much more than you might ever fathom.

© 2014 Rosie Chee