June 6, 2012

2012 | Day 155: Dream TO Live!


Dream BIG. MAKE your own LUCK. BELIEVE.

If you’re not DREAMING, then you’re not LIVING. NEVER be afraid to dream TOO big, for no dream is “too” big, not if it is precious to your heart and something you hold close. Dreaming gives you something to look FORWARD to, a PURPOSE to work towards, a HOPE to KEEP going, no matter what storms life throws in your path along the way. Dreaming is the first step to CREATING yourself, for as you dream and ACT on those dreams, so shall you BECOME.

“Luck” does not just HAPPEN. It is CREATED. It is created by YOU when you work HARD towards making your dreams a REALITY. It is created when you have something so STRONG in your heart that you canNOT let go. It is created when the heavens conspire WITH you to bring your dreams to FRUITION. Don’t just “wait” for luck to happen. Make it YOURSELF.

BELIEVE in YOURSELF and in your DREAMS. Believe that your dreams, the hope in your heart, that it is all POSSIBLE. Believing is an IMPORTANT step to ACHIEVING. Without believing you have no MOTIVATION to act or create. You MUST believe. When you believe, you can become ANYTHING you want to be. Believe and CREATE yourself the way you WANT to. Believe in your POWER to ACHIEVE your DREAMS and watch as they UNFOLD before you when you step out and FOLLOW them.

Quote for Reflection:


Session 1

HIIT Treadmill:
a. 2 min @ 4.4 min/km
b. 12 x 20 sec effort @ 3.6 min/km / 10 sec rest
c. 2 min @ 4.7 min/km

Abs (30 sec recovery between supersets):
SuperSet -
1. Hanging Straight-Leg Raises (feet to touch bar) 4 x 15, 12, 10, 10
2. Skip 4 x 300 revolutions

Session 2

Run 3 miles

Stretch 20 min


Sleep: I actually exhausted myself several ways last night, the last of which was forcing my unwanting-to-body to go for a 3-mile run, and slept for ~5 hours, which is something.

Energy: REALLY feeling it today.

Quality of Training: HIIT again on the treadmill today - feeling it in my chest and lungs, struggling to breathe at times, a knot in my medial right calf. Quite shattered by the time it came to doing anything ELSE, and was barely walking straight after finishing up Abs. Forced another 3-mile run later on.

Supplements: Used a serving of the newest formula of Assault today in Watermelon flavour. Smelt like watermelon and tasted like watermelon - pleasant and not "sickly" (as the Blue Arctic Raspberry had started becoming for me sometimes). NO beta-alanine tingles experienced today, which IS great too (I HATE them)!

WPM Women Spring/Summer 2012

The SECOND issue of WPM Women is now out and you can read it for free HERE. It's definitely an issue that sets the standard for all future issues to come. Very happy to be able to share the story of an amazing woman, Tamara Barnett (pages 58-60), as well as have a Feature (pages 72-74), and a couple of other articles in this issue.

So be sure to check it out - print issue and Kindle and NOOK editions coming!