October 1, 2016


Be gentle with yourself. Just as everyone has their own path in life, so every flower blossoms and grows at different paces and in its own season. You are human and that means to be perfectly flawed. It does not mean you have to be indestructible, even if you want and have tried to be.

You don't have to have it all figured out before you move. Look inside for the answers you seek, deeper than you might have ever sought before, for when uncertain which turn to follow, that which you might not have truly been able to admit even to yourself rests quietly, waiting for you to be ready to listen and acknowledge.

As you do, be brave enough to be honest with yourself, to be vulnerable and open to face your weaknesses head on before any addictions and desires cause destruction irreparable. I have learnt this. The irony is that my angels and my demons, though often at odds with one another, much like my mind and my heart, are also the best of friends and would not survive long without the other, for as dark and light are two sides of the same coin, so are they in my Gemini soul.

© 2016 Rosie Chee