March 1, 2016



Without passion life is NOTHING. It is merely existing. And life is not for “existing”, surviving, hoping to get through the next storm. It is for LIVING. Living is done with PASSION. It is done with an excitement and joy, DELIGHT taken in the “small” moments that become magical memories we never forget. It is done when we “throw” our heart and soul into a mission, so much that the passion we exude becomes CONTAGIOUS to all around us. It is when others can SEE us “glow”, the light from our soul escaping through the eyes into the world, “igniting” a spark inside them that creates a “domino effect”.

Without PASSION life is nothing. It is going through the motions. And life is not for “going through the motions”, having no real drive or purpose. It is for LIVING. Living is creating an “unforgettable” story that INSPIRES others through the way that life is lived. It is being scared and STILL taking the risk to leap from the cliff into the “unknown”, whether you find your wings on the way down to the rocks below and soar above the tumultuous waves, or plummet into the ocean depths. It is for sharing your life “experience” so that others can LEARN from it.

Life SHOULD be lived with passion. Passion INSPIRES the world. It CREATES beauty in chaos and purpose in uncertainty. It MASTERS the “art” of living and presents us a glimpse of heaven. It is the START of all things great achieved in this world, all mighty tasks undertaken, no matter the consequences. It instigates a soul into BEING, to bring it to “completeness”, as best as one can be, in being ALL that they can be, turning “potential” into REALITY.

© Rosie Chee