February 5, 2016



Your heart knows what it wants. And it knows what it’s prepared to do to get it. If it’s something you TRULY desire and long for above anything, you WILL do WHATEVER it takes - wait as long as it takes, fight as much as it takes, suffer as much as it takes, until your dreams manifest as reality.

Waiting teaches us patience. It is probably the one thing above all else that shows us how much we truly want something. Waiting suffers the battles, the fights, the struggles, the torment, the pain, the tears. It’s NOT giving up when things seem bleak, hope desolate and lost beyond belief. It’s having faith that no matter what, you WILL persevere, that it will all be WORTH it in the end.

Nothing great ever comes easy. It is always going to be a battle, because that is the way of life. It sorts out the wheat from the chaff, determines who REALLY has it in them to touch their dreams. After all, if you’re not fighting with EVERYthing you are and have, then you’re not really fighting, and if you’re not really fighting, then it means whatever it is you are fighting for does not mean that much to you.

Pain is just one price we pay for our dreams. Sometimes it is the most costly of all, because the road to our heart’s desire is neither short nor easy, and the most beautiful of things cannot be touched, but they must be felt. The most beautiful things in life often come out of the most intense and immeasurable pain, drawn from a soul that refuses to let go or give in or give up, knowing that even the deepest torture is nothing to endure to see their dreams alive and living.

When your heart wants something, TRULY desires it, you will find within you the STRENGTH to endure and overcome ANYthing in the pursuit of it. So hold TIGHT to your dreams, NEVER give up hope, and always have faith that every minute, every fight, every tear is WORTH it!

© Rosie Chee