February 6, 2016



Sometimes we find a dream in our heart that we didn’t realize was there, discovered during a period of darkness, or when someone or something completely UNexpected comes into our life and we are knocked out for the count. Sometimes those dreams can SCARE us beyond all imagining, something we never wanted or ever thought we could or would want, held in trepidation as we debate the decision whether or not to FOLLOW our heart in this matter.

Will we or won’t we? Will we step out and risk everything we know and have ever known for something OUTSIDE the scope of our experience and knowledge, so unknown that we feel helpless and lost in navigating our way through it? Will we choose to look BEYOND everything that could possibly go wrong on the journey, seeing instead the wonderful OPPORTUNITY that life is blessing us with, the dream we have denied our heart for so long?

Whether your mind acknowledges it or not, once you are AWARE of this dream, you can NEVER become UNaware, that dream becoming a PART of you, living and breathing with you, held capture in your heart, no matter how far down you may try to push it or try to deny its existence out of fear of what might happen IF you follow it. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance, if you don’t take the risk and put yourself out there, if you don’t DO.

But when you’re afraid and you just DO it anyway, that’s when you grow and open yourself up to new POSSIBILITIES, when your heart SINGS in the exhilarating feeling of not knowing but knowing and having FAITH that something WONDERFUL is going to happen. It’s not just persevering and desiring it with a force more powerful than you ever realized, but it’s making the choices that scare us the MOST, stepping into the decisions that you want so desperately but have never allowed yourself to consider a plausible reality, that CHANGE us the most and can be the BEST things we ever do, WORTH everything in the end.

Will YOU hear and HEED the call of you HEART and take the RISK, no matter how fearful you are, no matter how hard the path ahead might seem, to SEE where it takes you, to take the chance that it could be something that ENRICHES your life BEYOND anything else you have ever known? Will you be BRAVE and EMBRACE it, knowing that God would never have offered such an unexpected gift it He did not WANT it for you? WILL YOU?

© Rosie Chee