February 7, 2016



Your life is YOUR life. Your Journey is YOUR journey. You are YOUR competition. You are the ONLY one who knows exactly what is going on with YOU.

Never mind what anyone else’s life is like - concentrate on your OWN. Everyone has their issues - trials and triumphs - but you need only concern yourself with your OWN. You may feel tempted to interject your opinion in another’s life - look instead to your OWN and see what you can scrutinize. There is no one else making the decisions in YOUR life - only YOU, so do not look to anyone else, because it is not their role to play.

Only YOU can walk your journey in life. You are not given what you are so that you can COMPARE it to another, but so that you can GROW and BECOME what you are MEANT to be. The challenges you face along the way, every experience you go through, are all intended so that you LEARN and ultimately to CREATE A BETTER YOU.

When you focus on making YOURSELF better, then you help OTHERS become better. The sum of your life experiences makes you UNIQUE, gives you something no one else has, so that you can USE those experiences to hold OUT a helping hand to others who may have or be experiencing a similar situation. You are meant to SHARE NOT COMPARE. Life is meant to be walked through WITH others, not AGAINST them.

© Rosie Chee