January 9, 2015



The eyes do not see everything. They cannot “grasp” the unknown, feelings hidden, emotions cloaked, storms swirling, tears falling, laughter soundless, smiles iridescent, when they are not on the surface. They fail to discern what “lies beneath”.

It is the HEART, driven by the soul that “sees” these things. It is the heart that understands and empathizes, that grieves or celebrates with, that “receives” and responds to any energy emanating from another. It is the heart that holds the weight or joy of anything and everything.

You must learn to “tap into” the inner voice, your inner guiding system, to truly “know” things. We were given instinct for a reason and those who are not “in tune” enough with themselves to hear or “feel” it will never truly be able to live and experience life to the depths intended.

“Emotion” is not a “bad” thing when “used” the “right” way. It can open up life to us in ways we might never have dreamed, as we discover the beauty of it all and appreciate the small things that can make all the difference. Trust your heart.

© 2015 Rosie Chee