January 10, 2015



Sometimes we are at a loss for what has happened or is happening to us, not quite sure HOW it happened or why, desperately seeking to understand it and coming up short or empty. Sometimes there is NO explanation – at least, nothing that makes sense – and we must accept that and move ON.

Whatever has happened has happened and is now PAST and you must let it STAY in the past. You must leave it behind - even if the consequences of it linger with you for a time – and focus on what you are going to do NOW.

You might not feel the best. You might be struggling. You might be discouraged by events. This is NOT the time to “give in”, but to stand UP and REmotivate yourself. Look AHEAD and know that you have ALREADY achieved what you want to – you just need to get there!

KEEP going – there is NO other way. Keep going THROUGH and stay true the course you know you must and you WILL “come out the other side” faster than you think. Find your SMILE and keep it on as you go, reminding yourself that even in hell there are still blessings!

© 2015 Rosie Chee