January 17, 2015



Never look at the “size” of a person and assume you know what they are made of or capable of being. Sometimes the most amazing things come in shapes and sizes we would never expect. And sometimes the fiercest of creatures are those we underestimate or overlook.

Just as a single smile can hold the light of the world in it, so can a creature so tiny be the most courageous you might ever encounter. As a single snowflake can indicate a coming storm, so can the smallest sting be the most dangerous you could ever receive.

Soul and heart are the TRUE measures of a person and you never know who they are until you get to know and understand them for just what they are and represent. The rarest souls can lie inside those we pass by every day, the most beautiful hearts hidden behind guarded interactions.

Learn to “see” with your SOUL, to connect on a level beyond the tangible. When you can do that, the world opens up in so many more and different ways, multiple dimensions of thought and living, enlightened to the real beauty of life.

© 2015 Rosie Chee