January 19, 2015



YOU are the one who ultimately determines whether you are “successful” or not. YOU have the dreams. Every day YOU make choices. The decisions are YOURS. YOU are the one accountable for the actions you take.

Don’t JUST dream! Get out there and MAKE your dream come TRUE! Let it GUIDE you in your daily decisions. Let the passion for it FUEL your motivation. Make your motivation drive you BEYOND anything “comfortable”.

“Successful” people LIVE their dreams day in and out. Even if they are not yet “real,” they hold them so tightly in their soul, desire them like breath itself in their heart, and see them so vividly in their minds, that their BELIEF in their dreams MAKE them real before they are.

Dreams can drive you. But first you must make the CONSCIOUS decision to let them OUT and roar their INTENT. Remember, a dream is JUST a dream until you DO something about it. Intentions are NOTHING without ACTION.

You CAN do this! You can MAKE it happen! You just have to START!

© 2015 Rosie Chee