December 8, 2014



You can BE the light in the world or you can be the mirror REFLECTING the light of change that you want to see. Are you a leader or a follower? Determine what you are, because that will influence whether you are the light or the reflection.
BE the change you want to see. BE the light you want to see illuminated in the lives of the people you touch. BE the difference you want to make. BE the example you want others to follow. BE the one that CREATES the change, the one looked up to, the one who inspires POSITIVE effect.
If you do not have it within you to be the one that stands up and out, but you want your life to make a difference, to illuminate the light that is in your heart, be a MIRROR and reflect it out into the world, spreading the light of hope and faith that way.
You are stronger than you THINK. You have MORE within you than you believe. You CAN be the light if you desire to be. It’s YOUR choice. Either way SPREAD the light of life and hope and faith and change out in the world and MAKE a difference. Always remember, I DECIDE!
© Rosie Chee