December 9, 2014



Have NO fear in being DIFFERENT. Have NO apologies for wanting what YOU want. Have NO qualms about walking ALONE from the rest of the world determined to be the same. Have NO hesitation in standing OUT.

To accomplish YOUR dreams, sometimes you HAVE to walk APART. Sometimes you have to go where no one else is WILLING to go. Sometimes you have to bear the criticism and condemnation from lack of understanding and judgement of those who are too scared to venture outside the bounds of comfort and possibility in their OWN lives. Sometimes you have to be the one who makes others BELIEVE.

To be a STAR, you have to do your OWN thing. You have to do what it TAKES when you are the only one who is willing. You have to hold onto your faith in your determination to see it through to the END. You have to be the LIGHT in the darkness of the world and let others see you for the miracle that you are.

A star is a MIRACLE. YOU are a miracle. Not everyone believes in miracles and YOU are the one who might CHANGE that perception. Be who you ARE and DO what you do and walk your OWN path.

Shine a light for OTHERS in the darkness and let them know that fear is NOTHING. Let them know what is POSSIBLE. Let them know that dreams are not JUST dreams and can become REALITY if they truly desire it. Be the one who makes that DIFFERENCE.

© Rosie Chee