November 16, 2014



Life is short and it is oh so very PRECIOUS. EVERY moment counts and every second matters. Everything you DO has cause and effect. Everything you SAY lingers in a heart or mind or time. Everything you ARE can change the world AROUND you.

SEE the world for what it is and then WORK on making the one YOU live in the way you WANT it to be as much as you can effect and have “power”. As you strive to become the BEST you possibly can, encourage OTHERS to their potential alongside you, showing them that there is ALWAYS hope and NOTHING is “impossible”, that life is a dream to be imagined and made REAL.

LIVE life as you strive, ENJOYING the “moments” that will become memories, GRATEFUL for the blessing of those kindred souls who journey with you and have come to mean more than you ever might have thought. As you open your heart and let your soul SMILE allow yourself simply to “be”, EMBRACING all that you are and will become, INVITING the future and opportunity for GROWTH, inspiring movement and momentum of vision and promise.

EVERYthing has PURPOSE. Every “chance” is a gift given, a mystery to unravel, a wonder to behold, a blessing to be shared. Every NEW day is another day to unlock potential, change in ways that might have once been unfathomable, experience the amazing in the “normal”, make a DIFFERENCE as only YOU can. RECOGNIZE it and take control, even as you let Him “lead”, understanding that every day is His gift to you, your “second chance” to live a life of choices that will create positive example to INSPIRE courage and “risk” in others to LIVE their lives as COMPLETELY as possible as well.

© 2014 Rosie Chee