November 15, 2014



It’s not always the big things that matter. It’s not always “success”. Most times it’s the LITTLE things.
It’s the SINGLE dream in your soul – the one that matters more than anything else ever has or will. It’s that single dream that “carries” you through and makes each day worth waking up for. It’s that single dream that “sets” your footsteps for that day. It’s that single dream that you spend your life striving “for”.
Dreams are what keep us ALIVE. They give our SOUL something to cling to in the storm. They give us HOPE for tomorrow. They fuel the FAITH that everything will be “ok” in the end. Dreams are far more POWERFUL than any reality we might find ourselves in because they let us “wander”.
A SINGLE dream can spark a multitude of thoughts. A multitude of thoughts can create unlimited actions. Unlimited actions can make an infinite difference in not JUST your life. An infinite difference can have an effect beyond even the WILDEST imagining. The wildest imagining BEGINS with a single dream.
Dream a single dream but do not STOP there. Dream until you have NO more breath. Watch your dreams spark dreams and life into OTHER souls. Make a DIFFERENCE. BE the difference.
© Rosie Chee