November 16, 2014

Lipo-Morph Week 1


I started using Antaeus Labs' LipoMorph on Monday.
My meals are usually within eight hours re the 16-hour fast/8-hour eating window re Lean Gains and since September have been with a Carb Backloading approach.
Monday - 2 caps post-meal @ 0100 and 2 caps post-meal @ 2308 (note that the 0100 "Sunday's" dosage was re Sunday's post-work meal @ 0000-0100)
Tuesday - 2 caps post-meal @ 0000 (0000 was midnight, leading into Wednesday)
Wednesday - None
Thursday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1748
Friday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1342
Saturday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1452 and 2 caps post-meal @ 2045
Sunday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1055

The cooling in mouth after dosing each time - much like the cooling sensation one would experience on the skin after using Stop Pain Cold.

Body Statistics

Saturday: 10.2% bodyfat at 113.6 pounds.

To give an idea re change in girths, last Sunday to Saturday I lost 2 cm in each my shoulders and waist, with -1 cm in hips.


Monday - OFF
Tuesday - started but stopped after warm-up/stretching due to extreme chest pains and difficulty breathing
Wednesday - HIIT Run
Thursday - Full-Body
Friday - HIIT Run + Shoulders/Arms/Abs
Saturday - 20-min Run + Full-Body
Sunday - HIIT Run


Meals Monday and Tuesday were not what I would consider "ideal" or the "best" for me, but they were had post-work, with 1-2 hours spent each meal.
Wednesday, because of circumstances, ended up being a "fast", which, given the previous two days (and lack of training), was ok.
Thursday and Friday have been "good" for me.
Saturday I had two meals, my second my henceforth planned "once-a-week-cheat" meal.
Today I had "breakfast" and will eat again later as well, for two meals.