October 24, 2014



One drop of water in a puddle ripples to the edge of the puddle. One drop of water in the ocean creates a ripple that spreads as far as it can, and you never ever see how far it reaches or when it ends, only know that it spans far more than you ever might imagine, for the waves carry that ripple to many waters, allow it to touch numerous shores, and that one drop may end up in its existence seeing more of the world than can be fathomable.

In the same way, YOU are a drop in the ocean of life. You have more reach and make more impact than you will ever possibly know of. EVERY word and action has a cause and effect, that effect sometimes spreading and touching the hearts and lives of people you might never have thought it would. Therefore, be careful what you say, what you do, who you spend time with, who you allow into your heart, for what you surround yourself with becomes a PART of you; an important part that instigates desires and emotions that manifest as thoughts and word and actions, that in turn can create ripples of effect that make a difference in AND to OTHERS.

You might be only ONE, but you are more POWERFUL than you think. You have more INFLUENCE than you know. You are watched not just by God, but by man, and EVERYTHING you are and do has an EFFECT, a change that can be positive or negative. You want your life to make a DIFFERENCE, a POSITIVE impact that inspires others to a BETTER life and motivating them to be FULFIL their potential and become ALL that they can be.

© Rosie Chee