October 23, 2014



No one can be strong all of the time. No one never NOT experiences fear and even the strongest individual you know has felt fear at SOME point in their life  – whether heart-clenching fear or barely the faint whisper of it. Part of what MAKES them strong is feeling the fear but surging FORWARD in spite of it, following the path they know in their heart is MEANT for them, having FAITH that every footstep will make a DIFFERENCE, each stride made with PURPOSE, even if they are not quite sure where the path they are treading will eventually lead.

Fear can bring out aspects of our character we might not have realized were there, surprised that such qualities we own. Good, bad, masks, real, fear fights an interesting battle in our hearts and minds, creating an environment to either blossom or fall. Having the courage to CONTINUE forward when everything seems against you, uncertain when the tunnel will filter light into the darkness is a mark of strength and courage. In that tunnel you find your soul, face yourself, your demons versus your angels, and discover your TRUE nature.

It’s ok to have weak moments. It’s ok to feel fear. It’s ok to be HUMAN. It’s NOT ok to let those moments and that fear CONTROL you and dictate what you feel you are able to do, because you ALWAYS have the POWER to make a different reality for yourself, if you have but the courage and determination to take that first step out into UNKNOWN territory and run towards the BRILLIANT future WAITING for you, the one who had FAITH and took the plunge, ignoring the voices of doubt and disillusion, knowing that God guards His precious.

Have faith in Him. Have faith in YOURSELF. Feel the fear and DO it anyway. FIND YOUR STERNGTH.

© Rosie Chee