October 25, 2014



It’s all very well and good to have a dream, but a dream is just a dream unless you ACT on it, and a dream will not be acted on unless you believe that you CAN achieve it. Belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your dream is ESSENTIAL. You HAVE to believe that you can AND will accomplish what you want, or you will never really come close. If you believe you take every challenge as it comes, don’t allow difficulties to discourage you, knowing that you are one step closer every day to having what you desire, becoming who you want to be.

Your MIND is your most POWERFUL tool in the pursuit of your dreams. If you have no faith in yourself, no belief that you are capable, thinking that what you want is not possible for you, then you will never have it, because you have already talked yourself OUT of it. But if you have confidence in yourself, believe that you can, and know that NOTHING is impossible for those who truly desire their dreams, then you are more than walking potential, and no matter how long the journey to get to your destination, you WILL arrive.

When you believe, you do everything you can to accomplish your goals, take the risks necessary, seek out the people who can help along the way, and do not allow the negativity of others to dissuade you from your path. When you have a dream and a vision you believe in, knowing that even if you do not have all the answers to everything that might happen along the way right now but just go ahead and start regardless, you will be able to overcome anything, something greater driving you through everything, because you BELIEVE.

It’s not enough to want something. It’s not enough to THINK that you can accomplish your goals. You have to BELIEVE in not just your dream, but in YOURSELF, and know that ANYthing is possible if you believe that “I CAN” do it!

© Rosie Chee