October 2, 2014



Life is TOUGH. It HURTS. It lets you achieve the pinnacle of “success” and then it kicks you down a cliffside faster than you can think. That’s life. Get used to it.

Get used to it. But DON’T accept it. DON’T let it beat you so much that you give up trying altogether. Don’t let it take away the ESSENCE of you and the spark that keeps you going and burning bright for others to see.

Life is tough BECAUSE it is PREPARING you. For what is to COME. It has to make sure that the you that eventually reaches the destination intended is a you that can LIVE there. It has to make sure that you have what it TAKES to live the life you want and achieve the dreams in your heart. It has to make sure that you’re STRONG enough to look fear in the face and release courage despite any and all odds.

The journey may be long AND hard. But without the journey the destination would not hold as much MEANING. It would not be APPRECIATED for the sacrifices required and the work that it took to get there. It would not see a soul that had been tested by fire and trialled through destruction come out as a “brand new” being capable of the ultimate AWARENESS of self and its world. It would not see a soul who understands that the true desires and dreams of the heart are worth EVERYTHING endured to get there.

Shortcuts create DEFECTS. Life wants to make sure that there are no defects in the “end creation” that steps into its final place of realized PERFECTION. It wants to make sure that the soul that holds its dreams in the palm of its hand is one who KNOWS the explicit emotion of having experienced the world through more than a looking glass. It wants that soul to see the DUALITY in everything and understand just what it takes to stand on the top of the world and look out over it. It wants a soul who knows its darkness and light and CHOOSES to live its truth in light.

© 2014 Rosie Chee