October 3, 2014



Happiness can be something that eludes us - until we realize that there is NO destination to being happy, that everything we have to “be” happy is WITHIN us, if we but ALLOW it to be. The simple thought of someone special, a memory, a smile, something that makes us laugh - all of those things release the happy inside, allow us to let down the walls that we build around ourselves for the briefest of moments.

Happiness is a CHOICE. Life can be falling apart around you, the worst possible situation you can think of you find yourself in, and you can STILL find the happiness lurking in the shadows - it IS there, even if it IS hiding in the depths of your soul, in a place you would never have imagined it to be.

EVERY day we make the choice - conscious or not - on whether or not we will be happy. Happiness is not just a choice, but a state of MIND, and even if our heart is breaking, our soul is distressed, we can still make the choice to look for the positive in the negative, at what IS going right in our world, and be thankful that we are still alive to appreciate the beauty that we have in our lives.

© Rosie Chee