October 1, 2014



Sometimes talking with someone new can open up new perspectives, give new thought and ideas, offer new options. It may be merely by chance such an interaction, but it can have more effect than you know as what has been discussed mulls over in your mind. Where once logic ruled emotions had been allowed to take more control and now both are trying to work together to decide the best course of action, even as at the end of the day, instinct and “listening to your gut” will be the final determinant.

We all have times when we lose our way and even what had not so long ago been the surest of paths in front of us becomes blurry with doubt. Yet we must KEEP going, for there is no stopping. There can be no stopping, for if we rest we might get caught up in the fog and wander from all reason entirely.

Yet despite all reason, sometimes we stop. We want to rest. We want to close our eyes and seek comfort in that outside our realm. Sometimes it helps calm the storm and bring clearer vision. Sometimes it only exacerbates the situation and we find ourselves caught in the world we disappeared into when we “wake” again.

But there is hope. There is ALWAYS hope. No matter how dark the darkness, how unsure your footing on the path, whether there even IS a path to follow, you move. And in the moving you either find the path or create a NEW one.

Creating a new path, one not “foreseen” before you began your journey, is not all bad. Sometimes not all roads are meant to be traveled and in the “crossroads” of our “blindness” we unerringly come to the one that will start a new chapter in our life’s journey. A chapter that will force more growth, but in the doing open up different opportunities and viewpoints that we might not have considered or seen before.

Everything for a reason, so they say. Perhaps. Or maybe there is no “end” and the journey is the “creation”, for it is the journey where we struggle and learn and grow and evolve into something more than we were. EMBRACE the process. Be grateful that you are still alive to travel. Welcome the unexpected companions you come across along the way, whether they are meant to walk with you for mere minutes or far longer. You have nothing to lose, so let instinct guide you.

© 2014 Rosie Chee