October 6, 2014



That way you get in the gym when nothing and no one else exists but you and the weights, feeling the pain and incredible high making it almost pleasurable; being so “in the zone”, your “happy place”, a sanctuary from the rest of the world’s realities – consider living EVERYthing in your life with that same focused determination. If you already have or do, you’ll understand how it can make everything seem to be more meaningful, hold purpose and give you a reason for “continuing”.

Life may not be a “training zone” per se, even as it is, for it as you live you are being “trained” in the ways of life – conditioned, moulded, taught, created and evolving; a living entity constantly changing, affected by the stirrings of its soul and the emotions wrought within it by its experiences of the world and those it touches as it passes by. Imagine seeing every experience and person as a “lesson” or a “reason” to help you learn or understand your “mission” and develop deeper meaning for the purpose you discover your soul living for.

Focus your soul on your purpose. Let it seep into your heart. Allow it to become all that your mind dwells on. Create your lifestyle around it. Act out the directives that will ultimately only bring you one step closer to your “destination”, even as each new destination reached only means that the next location on the journey is revealed, because the journey of life is one that is never ending.

Focus with such determination that you cannot see anything outside of your purpose. Know what you will and will not allow in your life. Become a master at inviting the growth you need and weeding out the inevitable toxicity that will seek to undermine and destroy you on your path to “success”. Listen to your instinct and be not afraid to walk away from anything that does not make your soul sing or that gives you a creepy feeling.

Let yourself “become” your purpose; so much that anyone who looks at you sees the focused determination and inexplicably knows that you are a soul on a mission. Like souls and hearts and minds will be drawn by your determination, the unwavering facing of whatever comes, perhaps seeking to join or walk alongside you as you brave and carve the path you choose to take.

Whether you are aware of it or not, that focused determination will inevitably ultimately inspire others, either to “find” their own purpose or to join you for however long it takes to “become” the conviction and strength that you exude for themselves. Sometimes we are what others “need” to get set on their own path, even as others may have been for us a turning point in “resetting” our lives.

FOCUSED DETERMINATION. It can create so much. It can become so much. It can change so much. Find YOURS. You never know WHAT it could do!

© 2014 Rosie Chee