October 10, 2014



Life is more complicated than a game of chess. It is more intricate than a fight that is so delicate it is almost a dance. It is easier to get lost in than a maze that reaches to the heavens themselves.

Life can be unbelievably frustrating. It can be crazy beautiful. And it can be scary dark.

But there is always an option. A choice that can determine whether you get to turn the tables on it and “take” the dice to “roll”. And that is YOU.

It is the human soul. It is the fire of determination that simmers inside. It is the roar of courage that wants to be let out. It is the boldness of a soul who knows what it wants and refuses to believe that it can be “stopped” from attaining the precious dreams it carries.

There are dreams that you have never let go of. There are dreams that have been planted and are waiting to be nurtured. There are dreams that were once a blooming garden and now lie as if dead.

All these dreams YOURS. What will you do? Where will you start? You must start somewhere. How about with the dreams closest to your heart? The ones that have given you hope to stay alive for when there might have been no other reason.

START. The first step. Often the BIGGEST step. Take it. Be determined. Be brave. Be bold.

Dare to take the risk. Dare to believe that it is meant for you. Dare to put your entire soul behind it because it is something you cannot let go of. DARE.

What have you got to lose? You will lose far more if you do not even TRY. Remember why you held such a dream close for so long and release the bonds holding you back from running after it. Run after it because it makes your soul sing. It causes your heart to beat lively. It keeps you in the “game” of life.

© 2014 Rosie Chee