October 30, 2014



Create a life that makes you FEEL as good as it LOOKS. Create it with your SOUL involved, your passion stirring furiously, your dreams alight, motivation taken a hold of your heart and setting your mind to action. Create a life that causes your soul to DANCE inside your body, your passion to overflow and spread to others, your light to widen your sphere of contact, your heart to hope, your mind to eliminate any traces of doubt or negativity it might ever have had. Create a life that makes you feel like a sunrise EVERY morning, no hesitation in knowing that every soul you touch you make a difference to, PEACE ruling your own because you are walking your OWN path with PURPOSE.

When you create a life that feels good on the INSIDE it will ALSO look good on the OUTSIDE. But without the former, the latter is simply empty illusion, meaningless and unfulfilling. There has to be SOUL in your life, PASSION in your living, heart in your actions and truth in your INTERactions. Create a REAL life, not an impression that looks good and perfect to any who see it. Create a heaven in hell and be THE difference in your OWN life as you seek to make a difference in that of others.

YOU hold the key in your soul to the life that you will ultimately lead. A life of “soul” that FEELS good or one that only LOOKS good, one mere illusion and the other reality comingling to create BOTH. You CAN “have it all” if you BELIEVE it and let your deepest truths “show you the way”.

© 2014 Rosie Chee