October 31, 2014



We are ALL born UNIQUE. We are ALL born different. Just not everyone sees that. Not everyone accepts their differences. They want to blend in, instead of standing out as they were MEANT to.

You were NOT created different to become like everyone else. You were created different to BE the difference in the lives of those who are blessed with your presence. You were intended to stand OUT and have a positive EFFECT as much as possible. You were designed with a PURPOSE, one unlike anyone else, that only YOU can fulfil.

The world will ALWAYS try to CHANGE you into something and someone who is NOT you. EMBRACE your differences and know that it is far better to be YOU than an imitation of anyone else. It is far better to be you than allow yourself to be LOST in the crowd of souls who brush who they are aside because it is not accepted. It is far better to stand alone in your TRUTH than to compromise who you are.

Realize that you ARE different. Understand that you are different for a REASON. EMBRACE your uniqueness, your personal quirks and traits, and strive to develop your gifts and abilities to their FULL potential. Stand TALL in the world and just be YOU. If you change, change for YOU, and only if it will make you BETTER than you are.

© Rosie Chee