October 27, 2014



Some say that being happy is a state of mind, and to some extent, I believe that it is true. However, sometimes we cannot help the feelings running rampant in us because of an event or person, and we can find ourselves experiencing emotions for seemingly no reason at all. In those times though, we DO have the power, once we RECOGNIZE what has transpired, to CHANGE our mindset.

We live in the PRESENT. Sometimes it is NOT what we want it to be, but it CAN be what we WILL it. The mind is a POWERFUL tool, the most powerful WEAPON we have at our disposal when it comes to eliminating the NEGATIVE from our lives. If something affects you so dramatically that you lose all hope and will to live, think of something ELSE – what brings your heart a SMILE, relights the lamp of FAITH in your soul, and REMEMBER that life is GOOD, if only you OPEN your being to see the blessings you have.

I, not the events going on or around me, have the power to determine my state of mind and the HAPPINESS my soul delights in, the beauty that can be CREATED. The power to be happy lies withIN us – in your mind and heart and soul. We DECIDE what we will be – in our attitude when we wake, in our thoughts when something unexpected happens, in our feelings when we are taken unawares by circumstances not planned for.

The past is GONE – use it only to LEARN from. The future has not YET arrived – look FORWARD to it with ANTICIPATION. The present is what we have NOW – make the MOST of every moment to create the most amazing fairy tale imaginable, because dreams DO come true and miracles are EVERY day, and YOU are one of them, a BLESSING born on earth with the POTENTIAL for heaven.

© Rosie Chee