September 4, 2014



We are all an UNfinished “work in progress”, simply because we will NEVER be done BECOMING. We will NEVER be done LEARNING. We will NEVER be done making mistakes and finding out how to FIX them. We will NEVER stop DREAMING and STRIVING to REACH those dreams. We will NEVER stop SEEKING to do ALL we can to make as much DIFFERENCE we can. We will NEVER allow ourselves to just STOP and give up when life gets tough. We will NEVER allow ourselves to crumble in the midst of ADVERSITY, because we know it will only create in us something STRONGER and more POWERFUL than we might ever have thought possible.

We will ALWAYS be working TOWARDS something NEW, something GREAT, something that will leave a LEGACY of HOPE and FAITH and BELIEF. We will ALWAYS be working THROUGH the pain and fear and heartache and loss that we deal with in life, to LEAD by EXAMPLE that life kicks ALL of us and we do NOT have to give it the power to destroy what we are BUILDING.

We KNOW we are CAPABLE of far MORE than we have done and can ever fathom, and we know that in order to BECOME all that we are MEANT to be, we must LIVE life and EMBRACE it with all its smiles and CHALLENGES, because it’s the JOURNEY that is going to REVEAL the TRUTH and MAKE us into what we WILL be.

© Rosie Chee